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The Local Organizing Committee of the 2017 Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals wants to welcome everyone with a desire to participate in this event and thanks you for your interest.  We recognize that the entire Junior Nationals process can be a daunting experience for new athletes, parents, coaches and family members.....however, it doesn't need to be.  And it's not true that athletes competing in the Junior Nationals event must be members of a team in order to participate or enjoy the experience.   There has been a perception in the past that all activities and awards are focused on trophies, team points, team meetings, etc...and we wish to assure you that nothing could be further from the truth!  It is the express mission of this year's Wisconsin LOC to identify, recruit, accommodate and welcome new athletes to Junior Nationals, whether as part of a team or as part of a family!  As such, we have identified multiple areas in which the LOC can provide assistance to the new teams and independents, from the planning phase to the implementation phase, to include the registration and classification process.   The LOC recommends that each new athlete, parent or coach take advantage of multiple avenues for assistance, consult and advice when it comes to the planning, logistics and implementation of travel to the Madison area and participation in Junior Nationals.


 No such thing as a dumb question!


As previously stated, the process of planning, booking, registration and travel related to participation in Junior Nationals can be overwhelming at times for the uninitiated.  Ask questions!  Games Director Gregg Baumgarten and his Team stand ready to answer any and all questions related to the process that is participation in Junior Nationals.  And as the heading states, there is no such thing as a dumb question.


The first step that the LOC would request is that you review this website thoroughly as it is the goal of the LOC to attempt to provide as much relevant information as possible on the Junior Nationals website.  Details regarding the booking of your hotels; travel options and discounts; sports specifc information; venue information; and dozens of other topics will be addressed on this site.  Specifically, look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section of the website as this page will address many commonly asked questions.  However, having been involved in this process for quite some time, some basic, elemental questions may be overlooked.  If that is the case:


Reach out!


The best method of asking questions of the LOC is via email...your email inquiries can be directly answered or forwarded to the person or persons who have the answers.  Plus, you will have a record of what has been discussed to refer back to in the future.  Currently, the best email address to direct your questions to is Games Director Gregg Baumgarten's at


In the event that you would rather call directly to discuss an issue person to person, you can call Gregg's cell phone number at (480) 215-5240.  Please provide a time frame in which to return the call and allow at least 48 hours for a is anticipated that once the registration process is opened in mid-April, the volume of calls will be significant.  Be prepared with your questions and it's probably not a bad idea to have pen and paper handy during the call for notes.


Ask for Assistance!


The LOC can arrange for volunteers to assist you with the entire process of meet, greet, guide and assist once you are on the ground in Madison.  We can arrange for someone to meet you at the airport, guide you to the host hotel, assist with the registration and classification process and assist you through the week of competition, if need be.  It may not be the same volunteer each day but the LOC will commit to providing a knowledgeable volunteer to get you through the process.


In addition, Adaptive Sports USA  as an organization represents the most knowledgeable and skilled coaches and leaders in the United States (and abroad) when it comes to planning, logistics and implementation for disabled sports events.  Simple knowledge acquired over the years can save time, money and hardship, such as purchasing a $5 resin lawn chair at a nearby hardware store in the event city....this will save hours of wasted effort and time.  The resin chair can be used as a shower chair in virtually any bathtub or shower, eliminating the need to lug a bulky shower chair through the airport and across the country...little things that can make your life much easier.  Don't be afraid to ask the veterans... you will be amazed at how helpful, supportive and knowledgeable they are.  And they won't bite!


Know the Rules and Requirements for Your Sport(s)


It is very important that each coach and/or parent (if functioning as a coach for your child) have a cursory knowledge of the rules and requirements for each sport in which your athlete/child is participating.  Knowledge regarding qualifying standards, helmet requirements, disqualifying rules, Honest Effort rule, etc. is very critical to avoiding future issues and anxiety at the event.  Every veteran coach, parent or team leader has stories of last minute rushes to the sporting goods store to purchase a helmet, inner tubes, tape, etc., usually as a result of lack of foresight or planning.  Go to the Sports Specific Information page on this website to find links to all of the information you will need in the specific sport(s).


Orientation Meeting / Welcome


It is the intent of the Wisconsin LOC to host an Orientation Welcome and Reception for families and teams new to Junior Nationals (and any veteran families and teams wishing to share experiences and advice).  This will be an excellent opportunity to ask those burning questions of people who have been engaged in Junior Nationals for a long time.  Plus, it will be a great chance to meet fellow athletes, parents and coaches who are experiencing many of the same anxieties and questions that you are.....a chance to make new forever friends!


Heat Sheets


Heat Sheets are a critical item that parents, coaches and team leaders need to have in their possession to ensure that their athletes make it to their events, whether it is Track & Field or Swimming.  The LOC will provide Heat Sheets for each of these venues specifically to parents of athletes at a cost of $25 per parent.  Although the heat sheets will not provide specific times for events, they will provide the starting times, order of heats and listing of all athletes within those heats.  This will ensure that parents have the requisite information to get their athlete(s) to the call tent or room in an adequate amount of time.  However, if it is the desire of the parent to attend coach's meetings, access restricted areas and otherwise function as a coach for your child, it will be necessary for you to register as a coach at the full registration fee.


Awards Banquet


The Wisconsin LOC has heard the voice of many first time and independent athletes and families who have perceived that they have historically not been included in participation and recognition during the Awards Banquet.  It is the intent of the Wisconsin LOC to be much more inclusive with regards to participation in the 2016 Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals Awards Banquet, to include reserved tables specifically for independent athletes and families to gather and commune; specific awards recognizing independent athletes; and opportunities for further recognition.  The Wisconsin LOC would like to invite all athletes to participate in the Awards Banquet/Recognition ceremony and be an active participant.




Check back to the website often as it is our intent to keep the information on this site current, informative and relevant to your needs and experience.


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